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Deeply rooted in our community, growing together, we reach for the sky


At Bardwell Church of England Primary School, our vision is straightforward yet powerful: we aspire to create a school where children are not only well educated but also genuinely happy, physically active, and thoughtfully nurtured to develop unwavering self confidence. 

Deeply rooted in our community - Our strength lies in strong partnerships between our school, our families, our church and our local community - giving our children a strong sense of belonging. Our values-driven approach, rooted in our Christian ethos, aims to provide a strong foundation from which our children flourish. Our spacious, rural environment provides us with rich opportunities to actively learn in, and from nature. Our children are deeply rooted in the Bardwell mud! 

Growing together - At Bardwell, growth is not confined to academic achievements alone; it extends to the spiritual, emotional, and physical dimensions of each child. As we nurture our pupils’ potential, in all these aspects, we prepare them for a future where they can confidently contribute to society, lead purposeful lives, and continue on a journey of lifelong learning and growth. 


We reach for the sky  - We genuinely celebrate the joy of childhood at Bardwell and the boundless possibilities that come with an educational experience where nurture, evidence-based teaching excellence, and the pursuit of sky-high aspirations meet. Our guiding Christian values -  of being Aspirational, Resilient, Inquisitive, Courageous, Reflective and a Kind Communicator - serve as our compass. We foster a growth mindset where children embrace challenges, learn resilience from setbacks, and aspire to achieve their goals. 

‘The seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart.’ Luke 8:15

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