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At Bardwell CofE Primary School, we have developed a bespoke curriculum; one that takes into account the school's local context and demographic, interests and needs of the children, and one that enables the children to make links between the experiences and learning opportunities that they encounter. Where possible and relevant we teach in a cross-curricular way, however, our main curriculum aims are to provide children with a depth of knowledge and a range of skills across all subjects. Our vision is to provide an 'effective' curriculum above all else.


In order to ensure progression throughout the school, the National Curriculum (2014) is used, as a guide, for each key stage and we also focus strongly on the progression of skills within individual subjects throughout the school.

If you wish to find out more about our curriculum approach, please click on the image below and then on each area to go to that specific foci.

To find out more information about the curriculum covered in each class, click on the 'Curriculum Long Term Plan' link at the bottom.

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