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Bardwell House System


In Years Five and Six children are given the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities in the role of house and sports captains. This is a great opportunity for pupils to get involved in the running of the school. These representatives are elected in September. These are extremely important roles within the school and the children have to apply to their teacher in writing, if they wish to be considered for the posts. 

House and sports captains are expected to discuss and decide on things that matter to the pupils, set an example to younger children, embody the vision and values that the school holds dear, and contribute to the wider community. They help mentor the younger children, both in the classroom and at playtimes. They play a pivotal role in the organisation and leading of intra-house competitions and special days and themed weeks, assisting the staff in their planned activities. They also help with school events such as Harvest Festival, Christmas, coffee mornings, Sports Day, charity fundraisers, and curriculum evenings. Our captains act as the official voice of all the pupils.


Each year we have up to two house and sports captains per house. They lead our houses named Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

The captains meet regularly (at least twice every half term).


House Captains


House Captains

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House Captains


House Captains

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Sports Captains

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Sports Captains

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Sports Captains

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Sports Captains

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Why do we have house teams/ captains?

  • A house team scheme benefits the whole school;

  • It gives pupils the chance to express their views;

  • Pupils can have input on important decisions;

  • Pupils can develop confidence and communication skills.


Aims of house teams:

  • To represent the pupils;

  • To gather the views of pupils about improving the school;

  • To present proposals to other key groups within our community, including the leadership team, governors, teachers, catering team, and PTFA;

  • To publicise the role and work of the house teams in order to raise awareness;

  • To help organise/participate in events in school that is linked to these aims, such as assemblies, whole school events, and social functions.


What have the house teams done?

  • Introduced the House system;

  • Contributed to the rewards schemes and policies;

  • Decided which charities are supported by the whole school on Charities Week;

  • Met with guests, visitors, governors, and parents when they have visited the school;

  • Introduced a peer-mentor scheme;

  • Set up a pupil safeguarding group incl. online safety with key stakeholders.


Who would make a good house captain? 

Someone who has the following qualities:

  • A good listener and speaker;

  • A team player;

  • Interested to learn more about our school;

  • Keen to make a contribution to improving our school;

  • Able to represent the views of others in your class;

  • Willing to give up some of your own time to this post;

  • Has lots of good ideas;

  • Sets a good example to others.

Why should you become a school captain?

It's your school!

  • It is a great opportunity to have your say and help direct the way the school goes;

  • You meet pupils from other year groups and hear the views of others;

  • You get to know the teachers more and can speak directly to members of the leadership team, including the headteacher and the chair of governors;

  • It is a chance to develop your confidence and public speaking.


Would you like to know more about house teams?

  • Speak with your child's class teacher

Click the images below to view an enlarged version of our rubrics 

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