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Active School Uniform


Our Active uniform is practical, comfortable, warm for outdoors and prompts greater physical activity. This uniform offers several options to give you flexibility and choice (we recommend you purchase 2-3 of each item and always label the items with your child's full name):

- Colour* sweatshirt (school logo is compulsory) available from our uniform supplier, Gooddies;

- Non-branded jogging bottoms or leggings (black);
- Polo shirt in any one of our 6 colours* or white (school logo is optional). NB: These are the only acceptable colours for the polo shirt.
- School shoes or trainers (trainers will be required for PE if shoes are the preferred option);
- ‘Book bag’ for reading books/phonics resources.


* Sweatshirts can be ordered in one of the 6 Bardwell Cog colours (red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue or purple).

This ‘Active School’ uniform is also worn for PE. In addition, PE shorts (black) can be worn for hot weather/indoor PE. 

There are other items for purchase from our uniform supplier, Gooddies, but these are not mandatory; these include the white polo shirt, reversible jacket, fleece jacket, and rucksack. The school will continue to hold stock of the green book bag and PE bag.

School uniforms can be ordered online (via the links below). Orders take up to two weeks to be delivered after the Gooddies cut-off date.

Government guidance on School Uniform, November 2021

Statutory information from Department for Education about the cost of School Uniform

Outdoor Learning


Your child will need to keep in school:

  • Sturdy boots or wellies;

  • A spare set of active uniform to include long trousers;

  • A hat and gloves (in the winter months).


The children will need their named outdoor learning clothes in a bag which can be left at school.


Please note: Waterproof trousers are not essential but they can make a big difference to your child’s comfort. They can be bought relatively cheaply at outdoor shops and county stores in the local area. Although jeans are durable they take a long time to dry and are very cold to wear when wet. Trousers made from quick-drying fabrics are advisable.


A number of thin layers are better than one thick one and can always be removed if too warm. Sessions will go ahead even if it is raining or cold.


Please let your child know that at Bardwell they CAN GET DIRTY and you won't mind!


If you have any questions or queries please do ask.

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